1. Are all Shopolous products buyable online?

All Shopolous products are buyable online. As long as it is seen in the Shopolous Platform.

2. Is there any limitation on the quantity or amount of online purchase?

No, there is no limit. The quantity that you can buy is depending on the available stock of the online purchase.

3. What are the card acceptable for online purchase?

All major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard.

We are currently offering PAYPAL payment option. Soon we will accept Card payment option.

4. My credit card was not issued in UAE, can I use the card to purchase online?

Yes. We are currently offering PAYPAL payment option. Soon we will accept Card payment option.

5. Is there a cash on delivery option?

Yes. (Only in the Philippines) You can pay for your Online orders with Cash on Delivery.

  • Cash on Delivery is available on all products sold on www.shopolous.com
  • Cash on Delivery is available for all delivery areas in Philippines
  • Cash on Delivery cannot be used in conjunction with your Debit Card / Credit Card.
  • Payment for Cash on Delivery will only be accepted in the local currency (Philippine Peso)..
  • Cash on Delivery is a free service offered on www.shopolous.com (soon will be available) without any additional charges.
  • Refunds and Exchanges for all items purchased with Cash on Delivery are not possible.

6. Is it possible to cancel an item after payment?

Yes, as long as the item/s is in original packaging, unopened or assembled. Please contact the call center at 03 7643891 or +63 9052233515 to cancel the product and refund will be returned to the same card used.

7. Is it possible to cancel the order after payment?

Yes, as long as the order is not yet delivered. Please contact the call center to cancel the order.

8. How can I get the refund?

Refund issued to the same paypal account or card (soon if it's available in our service)

9. How long the refund will to be updated on my credit card account?

Refund to card depends on your bank terms and conditions, mostly the refund takes 2 weeks.

10. Can I change the delivery date?

Please call the call center at 03 7643891 or +63 9052233515 and give your reference order number. Your order including the services will be refunded to you. A cancellation of the current order is required for rescheduling. You will be requested to make a new online order and select a new delivery date which is subject to the next available dates.

11. Can I add item to the existing order and include them in the same delivery?

You need to purchase the additional product and subject for service charges. Possible for a different delivery date.

12. Can I combine my online purchase to store purchase for the same day delivery?

It is not possible right now.

13. Is there an online discount for Shopolous repeat customer?

It is not possible for a discount.

14. Can I collect my order to your warehouse?

We do not have this facility right now.

15. Can I purchase from Oman?

Yes, you can purchase from Oman but cannot be delivered in Oman. only in the area of UAE.

16. Can I get a TAX invoice for my company for online purchase?

Yes, the tax invoice is emailed automatically.

17. Is 0% available for online purchase?

Please call your bank to apply the 0% installments plan.

18. Do you have express delivery services for online purchase?

At the moment, we can only offer standard free delivery services for all customers.

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